Unleash Thyself

Learn. Grow. Love.

Unleash the best version of ourselves, together!

w/ Constantin Morun

”Unlocking your full potential, one episode at a time."

Countdown to Podcast Launch
- May 17th, 2023




Unleash the best version of ourselves, together!


Unleash Thyself is a podcast dedicated to personal growth, spirituality, and self-discovery.

We explore the intersection of these three crucial aspects of life, with a mission to inspire, empower, guide, and support you on your life and awakening journeys.


We aim to build a community of growth-minded individuals who are committed to unleashing their full potential and creating positive change in the world.


The podcast embraces a holistic, open-minded, curious, courageous and inclusive approach to exploring life’s big questions through discussions with individuals from all walks of life – a diverse range of experts, thinkers and storytellers.


Some of the topics covered: Life Lessons, Personal Growth, Spirituality, Consciousness, Soul Purpose, Relationships, Mindset, Mindfulness, Mental Health, Psychology, Plant Medicine – Psychedelics, Holistic Health, Astrology, Numerology, Ancient – Lost Wisdom, Karmic DNA, Epigenetics and more!

Your host


On a mission to unleash the true potential within us all by inspiring, empowering, guiding and supporting individuals on their life journey!

My passion for personal and professional development, coupled with my love of technology, has driven my personal and professional journey for 15+ years.

For a while now, I’ve been on a transformative and ongoing personal growth journey, guided by my spiritual awakening and self-discovery efforts, deeply influencing my personal and professional development. I am humbled and eager to share my experiences and lessons as I continue to progress along this path.

We all have our own journeys to traverse, however, no-one is alone!

So let’s follow our hearts, Unleash Thyself and live the life we always dreamed off!

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